Our Experience



Each manufacturing and industrial facility requires a solid understanding of your business. At Zeise Construction, we have the know-how and technical expertise to ensure your new or renovated facility is the best it can be. We analyze each project to develop cost-effective solutions, always keeping flexibility, maintainability and long-term operational costs in mind.

Industrial construction projects are in a different class from their counterparts. Industrial projects require an experienced general construction company with the equipment and personnel to handle it.

For over 73 years, many of Northeast Wisconsin’s businesses have trusted Zeise Construction with the construction of their business and corporate office centers. Commercial construction isn’t just about building buildings: it’s about building relationships. We’ve made it a point to build excellent relationships with both our clients and subcontractors to ensure that our construction projects get completed on time and on budget, no matter what obstacles may arise.

Cost and schedule management is key to a successful construction project, no matter the size. Without careful monitoring, costs can easily get out of hand on any construction project. The same can be said of the schedule. If you want a construction project that gets done on time and on budget, you need Zeise Construction’s experience and expertise to make it happen.