Our Experience


N.E.W. Community Clinic

Green Bay, WI

The N.E.W. Community Clinic had a need for a new facility and Zeise Construction helped resolve that need.  The new 11,824 sq. ft. facility is centrally located for easy access.  The building houses exam rooms, counseling rooms, a blood draw and lab area, nurse stations, a conference room, community outreach service areas and a business office.  The esthetics of the building were selected to blend in nicely to the surrounding area.

During excavation, unsuitable soil was discovered.  Approximately 5,300 cu. yd of contaminated soil had to be removed from the site and disposed of properly.  Because of this, a vapor mitigation system had to be installed to eliminate any possible harmful vapors.

This is the 3rd project Zeise Construction has been involved with for N.E.W. Community Clinic and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

The N.E.W. Community Clinic provides medical and behavioral health care services to greater Green Bay residents who are uninsured or unable to afford medical care.  The clinic will see about 5,000 people annually in its medical, dental and behavioral health programs and an additional 5,000 people will be seen annually in its Women Infant and Children (WIC) program.



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