Our Experience



Zeise Construction takes a highly personal approach when working with our clients in churches and religious organizations.  We understand the importance of both the aesthetics and functionality of a religious building. From the very beginning we take the time to fully understand the plan and purpose in great detail in order to ensure that the final physical structure is faithful to the original inspiration and honors the legacy of the institution.

Our project managers and superintendents are experienced in working with building committees and pastors.  In fact, most of them have served or are currently serving on a Religious building committee. With that experience, we are able to respond proactively to conditions, and provide solutions that work well for each specific congregation’s needs.

Most importantly, we understand that the life of the church cannot be put on hold during construction. We work closely with our clients on scheduling and phasing plans to ensure that occupied buildings remain as accessible as possible throughout the span of the project.

Our goal is to work carefully and openly with our clients to ensure that their construction project meets all of their specific needs.